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GoodStyle your perfect outfit in no time. Be inspired by your style peers, discover the latest fashion trends and find your new favourite items from over 800 brands and online shops.

Find your individual look by combining all items in our app, your personal virtual dressing room. Whether you're looking for tops, dresses, shoes, jeans, skirts, accessories, etc, you'll find them in over 35 categories. Search for your favourite fashion designers, brands, or items on sale.

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Virtual dressing-room app for most sophisticated customers

GoodStyle App is a virtual dressing room app for most comfortable, convenient and time-saving online-shopping and virtual trying on. The app is based on an AI solution. The technology provides users with a unique outstanding experience - to try clothes online just using a smartphone.

The technology takes online virtual shopping to the new level:
✓ The high-ranked try-on technology is based on neural networks that are able to process huge amounts of clothing pictures in vendors' catalogs to form a wide catalog within the application. Thousands of items are ready for seamless virtual trying on.
✓ Virtual trying on lets users put on clothing items from the catalog to form a personal style and complete the wardrobe. No more shopping malls, queues and endless scrolling of numerous online stores.
✓ The solution combines top technical solutions, popular fashion brands and personalized user-friendly service to please every customer.
✓ GoodStyle can solve the problem of wrong sizing and mismatching clothes to satisfy users and make shopping really enjoyable.

Try clothes virtually and experience the new way of shopping online

GoodStyle App is a simple and useful application for those who keep an eye on modern technological and fashion trends. Use your smartphone to install the application on iOS or Android and form your virtual wardrobe. Take a selfie to complete the avatar and enjoy the process of virtual putting on clothes. Choose your personal characteristics, like body type, gender, skin color and personal preferences to get extremely concrete and accurate recommendations.

Add your measurements to the app for the solution to build a realistic prototype of yours and feel the brand-new way of online-shopping. Now you are ready to use the virtual fitting room powered by GoodStyle App to get exactly what you want.

The technology can help men and women to try on clothes before making a purchase. Dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, skirts, sweaters, jackets, trousers, jeans and lots of other clothing categories are available to try on and fit virtually. Virtual shoe fitting is an extra-advantage available within the application. You can use virtual trying on to choose matching footwear. Complete any outfit with a pair of fine shoes.

Any piece of clothing can be virtually put on your personal avatar for trying on. Users can try various functions to turn online shopping into an exciting and entertaining process.

Wide functionality and user-friendly interface

Have a virtual dress up and use ready-made looks for various occasions from a business meeting with colleagues to a New Year’s party with your friends. Ready-made looks are available to try on virtually. Once you choose the occasion try on outfits virtually to find your perfect match.

Use visual search option to find the items you are looking for in the catalog. GoodStyle App can offer you a range of similar items from the catalog to complete your outfit with what you are looking for. Just upload a picture or a screenshot and the app will offer you a range of similar items ranked by your preferences.

Complete your existing personal wardrobe and find the matching pieces to form your personal style. Neural networks are able to complete your wardrobe using the pictures of the clothing items you currently have. Upload the pictures of your existing wardrobe and get a list of appropriate items from the catalog.

The solution is much more than a virtual dressing app. GoodStyle App is a virtual stylist in your pocket. Customers can use a virtual fitting-room for trying on clothes and get personalized advice on style made on machine learning bases. Neural networks are trained to give every single user stylish advice formed on the user's body type, measurements, skin color, preferences, choices and behavior within the app. Personalized advice on style is an extra function available to users. Use personalized virtual stylist’s advice to save your time and money. Build a unique personal wardrobe formed and designed just for you.

Buy clothes online within the app. After you use the virtual fitting room and find the clothing that satisfies you most use the shopping-online function to make a purchase. You can choose clothes, try outfits on virtually, get specific recommendations on style and buy clothes online from lots of world-known brands just using your smartphone.

GoodStyle is a virtual shopping app with wide functionality to make online-shopping much more effective, accurate and fun. Virtual trying on can prevent customers from unpleasant situations like wrong sizing and wrong coloring. Once you know what to expect you are much more pleased with what you get. This means that using he technology can positively affect the number of wrong shipping.

Wrong deliveries’ reduction leads to decreasing the number of deliveries. This has a positive impact on the environment. The fewer deliveries are made and the less wrapping paper is used the less polluting occurs. Mindful and respectful attitude to natural resources is also a specific feature and an option from using GoodStyle.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the society faces social and health caring problems. Coronavirus made millions of people get isolated to stay safe. Virtual trying on is a perfect alternative to visiting shopping malls, as you can stay isolated and go shopping online.

Don’t miss a chance to feel all the advantages and test the unique functions of GoodStyle App yourself. Install the app and get a 3-days free trial to use the virtual fitting room. There are special offers to users keen on style and fashion. Get the annual package and save 50% of the usual pricing.

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